Statement of Faith

Preface. The Statement of Faith represents the doctrinal position of Creekside Bible Church as adopted and taught by the Elders. The Bible mandates that, as overseers and shepherds of Christ’s Church, the Elders protect the doctrinal purity and integrity of the Church (Acts 20:28-31Jude 32 Timothy 4:1-5). They are also charged to preserve unity...

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Ministry Distinctives

Preface. Every church is known for something. Each local fellowship has a reputation. In New Testament times, the church of Ephesus was known for sound doctrine. Smyrna was known for suffering. Corinth was known for spiritual gifts. Laodicea was known for compromise...

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Philosophy of Ministry

Preface. In the New Testament the word “ministry” is diakanon, from which we get the English word deacon which means “servant, one who serves.” That’s what Christian ministry is – it is service from God, by God, for God. Following are biblical principles of ministry that drive our attitudes and actions toward Christian service...

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Philosophy of Worship

Worshipping God is the greatest privilege we have as humans. God created us to worship, adore and serve Him. God the Father is actively seeking true worshipers—that’s what Jesus said (John 4:23). Worship is ascribing worth to God in tangible ways through actions, attitudes and words...

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Philosophy of Evangelism

Biblical evangelism is the faithful proclamation of the good news about Jesus Christ through which we invite unbelievers to repent from their sin and believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ for the forgiveness of sins, full pardon and justification from God, and entrance into a new life of holiness.

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