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Copyright Policy

Below are the policies that govern the use and distribution of CBC Media. CBC Media includes all sermon audio, book content, With All Wisdom content, and all website content, including but not limited to audio, text, video, graphic designs, and photography.

Sermon Audio
Below are the policies that govern the use and distribution of all sermon audio.
(1) You are free to duplicate and distribute CBC sermon audio, but only in their full-length versions, without any modification to the audio.

(2) You may not charge for any duplication or distribution of sermon audio, even if you incur a cost for duplication and distribution.

(3) You may link to messages at the CBC website, but you may not post them on your own website.

(4) If you create a CD, DVD, or MP3/4 of a sermon, please including the following information:
     Creekside Bible Church
     Copyright [Current Year, Speaker]
     Used by Permission.

(5) You may not include personal or institutional information on the CD, DVD or MP3/4.

Print Media
Below are the policies that govern the use and distribution of CBC Print Media.


Our books are published by With All Wisdom. You can purchase physical copies of our books at, or read PDF versions of our books for free at All normal copyright laws and citation guidelines apply to these works. is where we host written, audio, and video content from the staff and members at CBC. You may reuse any of this content in its complete, unedited form and with proper attribution, which includes the name of the author and a link to the resource's original location.  

‍CBC Website
We make use of stock photos and common graphics on our website, as well as creating original text, video, and visual content. We cannot restrict the use of stock photos or common graphics. You are also free to use all original website content that does not include the items listed above (Sermon Audio, Books, With All Wisdom). We reserve the right to revoke or modify these permissions at any time.